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How to Choose and Create the Best Baby Registry

By Kristin Louis

Image Source: Pexels

As any parent will tell you, babies require a lot of stuff! And their needs quickly increase as they grow bigger month by month. For new parents, gathering all essential items for their baby can seem like an overwhelming task. But, here’s where baby registries come to the rescue.

A baby registry is a list of items that would-be parents compile and share among their friends and family, who can then choose to gift them items of their choice. A typical baby registry contains an extensive collection of requirements, ranging from big-ticket items such as strollers to items of everyday use such as clothes.

Creating a registry serves as a great way to stay on top of your baby’s future needs and makes it easier for others to understand how to assist you in the process. This article by Stroller Trotterwill explore essential items you should include and how to go about choosing and creating the best registry.

What Makes a Registry Good?

You can create a registry at a physical store, through online retailers, or a combination of both. When assessing your options, focus on the following features:

Discounts: Ascertain if they provide special offers or discounts on a variety of products. Some stores may provide you samples as a reward for signing up with them in addition to discounts on unsold items post your baby shower.

Free Shipping: This can help significantly reduce costs for you and everyone else. Inquire about their shipping charges and how you can reduce or remove them.

No-charge Returns: Look for stores that provide free returns. Usually, this is applicable for a select number of days post-purchase, hence be mindful of those timelines.

What Items Should You Include?

Your goal should be to make the list as exhaustive as possible and include the following categories:

Baby Gear: High-quality stroller from Stroller Trotter, sensory swing, car seat

Clothing: Multiple pairs of socks, footed pajamas, onesies, maternity clothing (dresses, jeans etc.)

Nursery: Baby crib, crib mattress, toy chest, bassinet, dresser

Feeding: Bibs, sippy cups, feeding bowls, burp cloth

Personal Care: Lotion, oils, hairbrush, toiletries

Diapering: Varied size diapers, sanitary wipes, changing pads

While it’s important to include a variety of items, as reported by, be mindful to not go overboard and include those which you are unsure about such as baby food processors, diaper disposable systems, etc.

Which Registries Are the Best?

While there are numerous amazing registries to choose from, the best ones are those which allow you to combine all essential items from the above-mentioned categories in one place. Here are the top 3 to go for:

Amazon: Being one of the largest online retailers in the world, it allows you to add items from all major brands. Additionally, prime members enjoy free shipping and exclusive offers. You receive a goodie box on completion and can return any items within one year of purchase.

Target: With around 2000 locations around the country, it provides the perfect balance to create a mix of an in-store and online registry. Additionally, in-store representatives can help you create the perfect registry and accept returns at all locations within 365 days.

Babylist: As reported on their website, in addition to a 15% completion discount, they also provide a box of goodies worth over $150 that includes samples, coupons, and gits. Through Babylist, you can add items for any online store, providing you with virtually an unlimited range of options to choose from.

Now that you have an idea of how to go about creating a registry, the only thing left is to get cracking!

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